Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm finally writing a post! We just barely got to Oklahoma on Saturday night. Our plan was to live on the base but once we got here they told us the wait was 6 months :/ That's no good. So as of right now we are living out of the base hotel. Yesterday we went and looked for a place to live and we found a decent home that is for rent and just so happens to have a military clause. So we filled out an application and if we get approved we will hopefully be in there in no time. Other than that life is great out here. It's such a small town but I'm sure we will both grow to love it. I'm so excited for Ben. This is such an amazing opportunity to be apart of the air force. I feel like we're in good hands. :) I'll keep everyone updated with our situation. The pictures are of me at my new school and the cute pilots coming out of class on the base. I can't wait until that picture is of Ben :)


Julie said...

You are too cute my dear! Can't wait to spend more time with you, being just one state over, wahoo! Hopefully we can see you soon if Uncle Shake comes to visit!

Love ya, J

Joneel said...

Hey Ashley, I'm so glad to see a new post about your new place. It will be even nicer when you know where you will be living for sure.
have fun there in OK !!!!

Kearns Family said...

Yay! So excited for you! Keep the posts coming, we love to see how you are doing!

-The other Ashley Kearns

Marissa said...

I found your blog!! Yay! Now I can stay updated on your life. Cute picture of your school, when do you start? You should take a picture of your house. And... when will you come back to visit? Love ya!