Sunday, September 23, 2007

I apologize for the gigantic picture. Lol. I don't know how to resize it but I'll work on it.


Joneel said...

Ashley, There is a way to resize, just don't ask me to explain right now. Don't know if I could, but it's fun to see. I saved it to my pictures!! Hope you are doing o.k.
It will be fun to see you again. Please let us know when you will be in the area

Kearns Family said...

You are too funny... how are you by the way?

Andy and Melissa said...

So Ash... no new posts in a while. I am wondering whats been going on and how you have been without your love around all the time. I know, probably kind of lonely, and looking forward to his arrival home, but I just thought maybe I could inspire you to post again, cause I check almost daily, and still nothing new. Luv ya and hope your loneliness is not too bad. I am thinking of you!