Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vance 2008 Air Show

This weekend Vance had their air show. It was really cool. The only problem was it was super windy (as it is everyday in enid, ok) This is a picture of us in front of the c-21. We would love to get assigned to this plane for a few years over in Germany.

But this one is by far Ben's first choice. The C-17. It is HUGE! Just seeing Ben's face light up every time he looked at it, I sure hope we get it. He loves this plane. So here he is in front of it.

Here we are crossing our fingers. :)

Here we are in the back of it.

As you can see this is what we spent most of our time doing :)Anyway it was really fun I'm glad we went. I'm glad they had the C-17 because that got Ben even more pumped up for our assignment. We just have a few more months until we find out. Our assignment night is January 30th if anyone is interested in coming out. We can't wait!


The Colonel said...
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The Colonel said...

That C-17 is an awesome machine! So too the C-21 to Germany. We would love to come and see you in Europe! Best of luck with the selection process.

Love, The Dad