Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving for 2

Ben and I couldn't decide for the longest time what we wanted to do for Thanksgiving. Since we got our t.v. early we didn't have enough money to travel anywhere so we thought we would stay at home and make our own dinner and make it a special night for the two of us. It was so sweet. I'm glad we have that memory together.

Also, a big tradition for me is to do a puzzle during the holidays. When we first started dating Ben didn't really enjoy this tradition but now he has really come to love it. Normally it takes us a few days to finish a puzzle but this one was of the presidents and he was really interested so he wouldn't let us stop until we finished it that day! Now who loves puzzles? :)


Joneel said...

What a sweet memory to have. Just remember to continue making memories with your family. They are so important.

JRose said...

I just love that puzzle tradition. You guys are the cutest.