Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

We wanted to do something fun for the holiday so we decided to go to a water park called White Water Bay. We went with our friends Mike and Kim. It was so fun. I wish we were going to be here longer to do it again.

As for everything else, we are moving in less than two weeks. We had everything planned out perfectly. Ben was graduating June 9th the movers are coming June 10th and we were on our way to Dallas June 11th for Maddie's wedding on the 13th. Then on the 14th we would drive to Utah and hopefully arrive on the 15th and then I'm flying out to Cali for a month on the 16th from Salt Lake and he's flying out to Washington for his last training that lasts 3 weeks and we'll meet back in Utah July 16th. That is still how everything is happening except Ben just found out yesterday that he wont even get his first graduation flight until the 8th! So the earliest he'll be done is the 12th. Which means I'm definitely moving by myself, probably going to Maddie's wedding by myself and driving with my two dogs to Utah by myself and not getting that week and half with him. :( But it's not his fault. He would change it if he could. The Air Force likes to keep us on our toes :) Wish me Luck!


Kimbo said...

That was the best day ever!!! I'm so glad we were able to make it there too before yall take off. My favorite part still from the day is when you leaned over in the restaurant and said "I feel so WT." It was so funny! Wow sorry about the change of plans. That's a total bummer. Good thing they do most of the moving for you. I'm getting so sad :( What will I do without my reality tv show buddy?

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

That's so sad =(. I'm sorry you have to move by yourself.
That is a long drive to do alone. You can't wait for Ben to finish before you move? Good luck with everything!

The Frisby's said...

I do not envy your long drive with two dogs in the car! Once you get to Utah, we DEFINITELY need to hang out! I've miss you tons!! Tell Benny boo boo boo, I said "Hi!" Lol, remember when he would get SO mad when I'd say that! lol...I'm glad to hear he is doing well in his training, tell him Jeremy and I wish him luck, as well as you, for the moving!! Moving SUCKS!! Well I love you! TTYL!

jamieioimo said...

hey! you're coming to california this month? call me when you get here, we need to all get together and do lunch or dinner or something! we need to get the old gang together, me you tim steve erin and even jillian : ) i cant wait to hear from you