Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Aren't you surprised there's a new post? I thought so. Life has been really crazy around here. I just finished school and I'm trying to get everything ready for the move. In 3 weeks we are out of here. Ben should be all done with Altus around the same time. We have been very lucky and he has been able to come home just about every weekend. This is what the dogs do every Friday just waiting for Ben to come home it's so sweet.

As for what isn't so sweet is this little guy. Don't let him fool you.....

Just kidding he is actually getting a lot better. For awhile there he was chewing 4 internet cables
3 blankets
1 water bottle we use to punish him with
every dog toy we own
3 arms of our chairs
corner of the table
food we leave for 2 seconds
just about dug up the whole entire backyard
howls at everything that moves
had 3 ticks in the last 3 days!
power cord
friend's power cord to Playstation 3
friend's glasses
stolen towels off the rack while we were in the shower
chewed through 5 pairs of my garments
1 pillow to our couch
ate half of our remote to our t.v.
about 7 pens
pees on Ben's side of the bed when he is punished
knows how to climb up anything that I hide this stuff at
likes to hide my garments and then bring them out when we have company
And last but not least he broke his chain collar while on a walk (he was that strong)

But I think he is finally growing out of his puppy stage. If I didn't love this puppy so much he would've been gone by now. But these last few weeks have been just perfect. I can leave him alone and not worry what will happen when I come back. Plus now we have this nifty little kennel we got them. They no longer sleep in our bed and I have noticed a very big change in them. Hallelujah. Now if we could just get Ruby a haircut everything will be great.


Kimbo said...

LOL this post is so funny. Rowdy sure is a little monster at times, but I swear he has the cutest little puppy face in the world. I love your little kids so much :) Gunner is going to miss his buddies when yall move.

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Hey, you are alive! jk, it was good to hear whats going on with you! Rowdy is such a little stinker. I think he has out done even Jack with the chewing list! I bet you all are excited about the move. Its so good that Ben got to come home every weekend. Things are going really good here, (besides the flood in our house that happened this weekend bc the washer hose broke and Jack being crazy all weekend bc we were dogsitting a Lab). I finally got a job at guess what-another vet clinic. It's completely opposite of the one in enid, bc it is too laid back and unorganized. oh well! Jonathan is almost done is the sims and will be flying next month! We miss you all! (Rascal doesn't miss Ruby through, but I do. lol!)

Michelle said...

YAY a post!!! I love it! Man that dog...that would be enough to drive me crazy. You are a much better dog owner ;) So fun to hear about your life through your blog...keep it up. And I will try to too!

Mari said...

Hello friend! You are seriously moving in three weeks!? That is so soon! I can't wait to meet your puppies (even naughty rowdy) and I can't wait for you to meet my, uh, GINORM stomach. Should be good times. For sure.

Andy and Melissa said...

I love a dog who knows how to hide garments and then bring them out when there is company. Wouldn't want him near my garments of course...but he is hilarious!

The Frisby's said...

Haha, wow I was thinking oh how cute Rowdy is, and then I saw the list below the pic. Ahahaha, I'm so glad Lilah isn't a chew monster, of course she's not allowed in the house while we're gone since she's not fully potty trained yet. We're still working on that. I miss you! I hope your'e doing well. Moving isn't super fun, at least the packing part, so I hope it's not a complete drag for you! Anyway, I love you and hope all is well!