Friday, July 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Everything is still going great! So far I love being pregnant. This baby has been so kind to me. I have been blessed with no morning sickness and no sensitivity to smells or anything like that. I have had a few food aversions though.....

Baby does not like:

large amounts of beef
prescription prenatal vitamins <----- grossest stuff of all time! But I still gag them down

Baby loves: (pretty much my diet on a daily basis)

pinkberry (frozen yogurt)
pickles :)

This is a fun experience, I just wish Ben was here to enjoy it with me. Luckily I get to see him in less than a week now! It'll be two months since the last time we saw eachother. I'm excited to be with him and my puppies again when I fly out to Utah and then we'll be on our way to Washington finally!


Kimbo said...

Yay!!! I've been waiting for a fun update from you. I'm glad you're still doing well with everything and baby is still doing good. I get to see Ben tomorrow. I'm so excited. I can't believe it's been 2 months for you guys. I'm happy for yalls reunion :)

Viva la Varner said...

This is all awesome news! Just wait til you get gets more and more fun. Have you started showing at all? I finally am. I want to know everything...keep us all posted.

Joneel said...

where in Utah are you? Im here for a few more days. It would be fun to see you. Call Michelle.

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Hey you! I'm so glad that you haven't been sick at all. You are so lucky; let's hope that it stays that way for the rest of the pregnancy! =) We miss you guys!

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Hey, I just read your post! Yay! You're finally going to be in Washington on Friday! You have to tell us all about it. It is so fun to go exploring in new places and set up a new home! Do you know where you'll be living yet? We absolutely must visit each other via space-a! P.S. are you looking prego yet?;)