Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

Everything is moving right along. I'm at 23 weeks now. I constantly feel him move throughout the day. He's a strong little boy.

-He doesn't like church or the temple (or he's really excited). Without fail whenever I'm there he will kick me the whole entire time and the second I leave he stops.
-He doesn't like me to sing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hott like me...." (I always get a big kick to the bladder with this one)
-He LOVES candy. (This is all I want to eat lately)
-He loves Rowdy and Rowdy loves him. Rowdy likes to come lay his head on my belly and the baby will always move his body closer to Rowdy.
-He sleeps most of the day and is awake most of the night

As for me, everything is still going great. I love being pregnant. Pregnancy brain has kicked in though such as:

-Cooking grilled cheese sandwich on the George foreman grill with one piece of bread on bottom, cheese and that's it. Then opening up the grill and asking how did the grill eat that top piece of bread? Then looking over and seeing that top piece still laying on the counter.
-Cooking frozen burritos in the oven for 45 minutes and when the timer goes off realizing you have to turn the oven on first. :(
-saying we need to buy some "wattled botter", thinking that was a real word
-then just the typical forgetfulness.

As for everything else, the countdown is on until we move into our new house! Only 24 more days. I can't wait.


Kimbo said...

Awe...You're looking so cute with the little belly. He sounds like a little jokester playing with you all the time. I love that Rowdy loves him, and he loves Rowdy. I can't wait to see pics of your new place once you're all settled. We're so excited for yall :)

Emily and Jason said...

You are so adorable :)I can't wait to see pictures of your little boy after he's born...he's going to be a cutie. I can totally relate to the pregnant brain thing...all you can do is laugh at yourself :)

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Look at that belly! So cute =)

Joneel said...

Wow, pregnancy brain. Sad part, is you lose a little bit with each child, it seems. ; )

Viva la Varner said...

haha...pregnancy brain is a funny thing. You look so cute! I love your belly. So I think the babies are just very attune to the spirit cuz Macy moves all the time at the temple and all through conference. I think they know. Keep us all filled in on all the fun!

Frisbys said...

Wow! Ugh, I haven't been on here forever, a baby Ben! Wow, wow, wow, this is crazy, I still find it hard to believe you're all pregnant and stuff. I"m really excited for you two. I hope all is going well!