Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We just got home from Utah last week and we had so much fun! We wish we were still there. While we were there we had Ben's cousin Madi take family and baby pictures for us and here are some of the samples. I think they turned out really well. I always love the pictures she takes.

I love these ones. Oliver loved the camera. Lol.

Also, while we were there we were able to bless Oliver. That was such a special moment for our little family. This is a picture of him in his blessing outfit.

Now we're back home, back to reality. Ben's gone on another trip. They've bumped his trips up to 15 days at a time instead of 10 from now on and he has to take them more often. Oliver and I better start making some friends real quick. It's even harder now having Ben gone now that Oliver is here. I know it's harder for him too because he doesn't want to miss out on anything. Luckily, we have skype and we can see each other on the computer.

As for everything else, life is starting to settle down a bit for Oliver and I. He's sleeping a little bit better and going a little bit longer between feedings and taking naps! <~~~ Mom's best friend. Now if I could just get my house under control and if I could get 3 meals in a day. It's really hard to cook since he always wants to be entertained and held. I normally get in 1 good meal and the rest consists of snacking (usually on cookies or chips or whatever I can eat really fast). I'm realizing everything is a juggling act and I'm getting better at it everyday.


Viva la Varner said...

I love all of those pictures!!! You have such a beautiful family. I was so happy you guys came to Utah...you must come again soon :) I wanna see more pics of Oliver...so take lots.

JRose said...

Love him...love you guys. Hope you can make it out to see us soon! We want to mug on little Oliver.

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Great pictures! Oliver fits right in to your family!

Andy and Melissa said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I love them all. And you look gorgeous!!! Seriously! And he looks adorable in all those pics. How sweet he is. I see that he and macy struck up a little romance. Fun! And bummer about Ben being gone more - but skype definately helps. My mom has come to terms with the fact that we live far away because of skype. I am sure Ben lives for skyping when he is gone. And about the whole juggling act. Cooked meals are totally over-rated when you have a baby. Spending time with your baby... not over-rated. (even though eating good food is nice) Don't beat yourself up if your house is a disaster. I give you full permission to enjoy oliver. And good luck with the sleep stuff. Wish I could help you out there, no such luck though! Miss you guys!