Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 0

Today Ben has graduated to phase II of pilot training. There are 3 phases. The first one was 6 weeks of all academics and flying in flight simulators. Today is the first day he gets to start flying. It also just so happened to be his earliest day yet which seemed to be so convenient the time just moved 1 hour forward. He had to report at 6:00 a.m. this morning. They call this day 0. Weird I know. Apparently, these next 15 days are supposed to be the toughest through the entire program. Here is what some were saying in a magazine I was reading from the base.

"After that six-week period, students move into Phase II training, referred to as "hitting the flightline," and spend another five months applying their academics and learning how to fly military aircraft.

"It's like trying to take a drink from a fire hose," he said. "The first 15 days into Phase II you get everything coming at you at once at full throttle. Not only do you have the academics, but you have the stand-ups -- scenarios where instructor pilots quiz students on everything from emergency procedures to general knowledge -- to deal with. It is a real emotional roller coaster."

This is a picture at vance of the plane he is training in and I thought this picture was perfect since the sun has just started coming up at 8:30 and he had an early flight. This is how I imagine his first flight. What an awesome view of your dream.


Dumuro said...
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Mari said...

Good luck Ben!! Hey, it seemed like I was gonna tell you about someone else who was preg... oh yeah, Dixie! You remember her, this will be her second child. Anyway, love ya!

Andy and Melissa said...

That is a pretty picture. And I hope Ben does good with all the craziness at school.