Monday, April 21, 2008

Poor Timing

Just this past weekend I have come down with some kind of cold. No fun. Today I woke up feeling even worse. I feel so tired and nauseous. All I want to do is go back in bed or just lay on the couch. Unfortunately, it couldn't have been worse timing. This is my last week of classes so of course I have a billion things to do and not to mention I should be studying for my finals next week. Also on top of that, I don't know if any of you have heard yet but we're moving out of our house on Saturday and moving on base so I should be packing.


Mari said...

I'm so sorry you are sick! :o( I hope you feel better in time for finals and MOVING! What made you decide to move? Is it more convenient? Good luck with all that, moving stinks.

Ashley K said...

Yeah we only have one car right now so it will be a lot easier on our schedules since Ben can just walk across the street to go to work.

Andy and Melissa said...

Nauseaus eh?... Just kidding. Thats a bum deal. Hope you feel better soon - and good luck with the move!