Monday, April 14, 2008

Family Visit

My sister in law Julie and her 3 kids came up to visit us this weekend from Dallas. It was tons of fun. Ben and I are always excited when people come to visit especially because there really isn't that much entertainment. We got to go out to eat and we toured the base and went to see the planes uncle ben flies and try on some of his uniform. But needless to say it was a nice relaxing weekend. That is one of the things I am starting to love about Enid. It is so far to drive out to the city for some real entertainment and shopping that most of the time we just stay home and really get some quality time with our family and friends. That is one of the reasons Ben and I are trying to get stationed in Germany for our next assignment so we can live the quiet simple little village life. :)


JRose said...

We had a blast! Thanks so much for hosting us.... We love you guys!

Guhn said...

See Please Here

Mari said...

I bet it was so nice to have family visit! Germany though...? What about Washington? Admit it, what you really want to do is stay stateside with me!