Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our little monkey

So last week as I was taking Ruby for her daily walks there were a few instances were a couple HUGE dogs kept getting out of their fences and charging for Ruby and I. This happened about 3 different times. (scary) I didn't understand how they were doing it. Anyway, a couple days later we figured out ruby was heat. Lovely. So I googled about it online and the very first thing it says is to NEVER take your pup for a walk when in heat around other dogs because it is very dangerous. Now you tell me. Anyway, along with those pleasures she has to wear a diaper so she doesn't bleed everywhere and she absolutely hates it. I think this video just explains what everyone feels when they get to that time of the month. This video cracks us up and hopefully you will too. This is how she is all day everyday with her diaper. We think she looks like a monkey.


1 comment:

Mari said...

Oh my gosh she is so funny. I just wanna squeeze her!!! Uh, after the diaper comes off though...