Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dream Sheet

Ben just brought home his air force dream sheet tonight. Which means, we got the list of the available assignments that we get to choose from. Unfortunately, there is no c-21 to Germany. :( that was our first choice. There is actually no drops for anything international. But that's okay because we still have a chance to go overseas later. Luckily our second choice is on there to McChord, AFB in Washington. Overall there isn't that many great choices but I'm sure whatever we get will be great. Cross your fingers for us. We're both writing our own list from best to worst and then we're going to compare and make the dream sheet together. I'll let you know what we put. :)


Mari said...

Girl, that's right.

JRose said...

Bummer on Germany...but excited for the other prospects. So cute you are doing it together love it.

What an exciting time for you guys! Can't wait to see you soon. love ya