Friday, January 16, 2009

Final Product

This is our final order. The dream sheet was due this morning so we didn't have much time to think or pray about it. Their are 19 choices and we have to put everything down from best to worst:

1. C-17 McChord, WA
2. C-17 Elmendorf, AK
3. C-17 McGuire, NJ
4. C-17 Hickham, HI
5. C-17 Travis, CA

(can you tell we really want a C-17, lol)

6. K-10 Travis, CA

7. KC-135 Pease, NH <~~~~~ I wanted to put this number 2 because of the location but as you can see I lost that battle. That's okay, I'm not flying it.
8. KC-135 Scott, MO
9. KC-135 Birmingham, AL
10.KC-135 McConnell, KS

11. T-1 Vance, OK <~~~~ this is for the instructor position here for another 3 years

12. E-3 Tinker, OK <~~~~~ this has our name all over it. Papa Kearns flew this and KC-135

13. E-8 Robins, GA

14. MQ-1 Creech, NV <~~~ these are the planes that you fly from the ground only. Not the most popular option but with this assignment we could be living in Vegas with Ash and Mike which would be so fun!
15. MQ-4 Beale, CA
16. MQ-1 Cannon, NM

17. AC-130U Hurlburt, Fl
18. NSA Cannon, NM
19. MC-12 TBD

These last three are the only ones we really really do not want. All of them you still are flying but Ben would be away from home so much and he would be right there in the fight. It's just a rough family life. But all in all whatever we get we know we're supposed to be there and it will be the best option for us. Wish us luck! Less than 2 weeks to go......


Rebecca & Jaime said...

How exciting!! Good luck with everything, can't wait to hear where you'll be headed!

Michelle said...

oh my!!! I can't wait to find out where you are going. All I know is...i really hope that you get to come to Utah and hang out with me before you go where ever you are going. Best of Luck!!!!

Leah said...

OH, How exciting. I can't believe that you guys are about to graduate.

Ashley K. said...

I didn't see Nellis anywhere?

Ashley K said...

Nellis is the MQ-1 to creech, nv. Creech isn't actually a base. We would live at Nellis but his orders would say creech.

Ashley K. said...

I see.... I am not up on all of this military lingo!

Ashley K. said...

I guess I didn't read it carefully enough.... now I see that we would be an option to live by. It would be a blast... for us anyway!