Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Post!

Finally getting the chance to do a new post. Things have been really busy for me lately. But, Ben has been missing his son so much so this post is for you Daddy....

Oliver is now a one year old.
Here he is eating his birthday cake. He actually didn't really like it. He just licked all the frosting off the top. (It may or may not be because I left out the baking soda and didn't taste very good. Lol.)

Having a toddler keeps me on my toes. He has been walking since 10 months old and now he is EVERYWHERE. He doesn't like to be held and definitely doesn't like you to hold his hand

Unless of course if your name is Daddy. When Ben is home he doesn't let him out of his sight. The last time Ben came home Oliver held on to him so tight and would not let go. So sweet. It makes me sad they have to be separated so much. But we sure do appreciate the sacrifices he makes for our family.

Here is how we get him dressed everyday. (We have to manhandle him a little bit) It's fun. :)

This is for all of you Despicable Me fans. Our little minion.

When we go out to eat at a restaurant we are definitely the loudest table. He loves to drum with his crayons (or hands) and then when he is done he likes to throw them at us. Lol.

Both of our families came out to visit for Olli's Bday. It was really fun to have some visitors. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures when Ben's parents were here. :( When my Dad and his wife came out they brought a little bike for him that they could build together. Oliver loved helping Grandpa bang with tools.

Also, we got to show our families a little tour of the base. Here's Oliver and my Dad looking at the planes. You can see Ben's plane in the background.

We hope to see more friends and family in the future. We miss you all.


Courtney Kearns said...

Ooh I'm so glad you posted! I miss him so much!

Ams said...

I need him in my life more. Have no fear though I am plotting a reunion of Oliver and Aunt Babes soon. Stay tuned for Operation FORKS WASHINGTON TOUR. So Excited! Maybe in the Fall? Love you, Miss you dearly!

Kimbo said...

Man these pictures melt my heart. Oliver is the cutest little guy. I have a feeling him and Garrison are going to be the best of friends already. I was just telling Mike sometimes when I look at Garrison he looks like Oliver. Funny huh! I think it's their smiles. They're both happy babies. Squeeze him and yourself for me. Can't wait to see yall!!!